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TRUE LOVE (RPG horror game)
(Contains some jump scares. Don't blame me for heart attack :p)
True Love is a short horror RPG I made using RPG Maker XP. The story is about a girl madly in love with her senpai, named Yuki. However, it is said that he has to hide for a reason to be discovered. Playing as the main character, you have to follow a trail left behind by Yuki, telling his love story and secret.

This game includes a few jump scares and ghost chase.
A normal gameplay is around 10-30 minutes.
It includes 3 different ending depending on the route the player takes. Though, getting all endings at least once is highly recommended.

Overall, this is a very short horror game mainly based on the story line.
This game is entirely made by me using the graphics and audio from RPG Maker XP, using my own drawings to complete it.

Install instructions

Download .exe file and extract


True Love.exe 34 MB